Hello and welcome to arttesana!

I created this blog in an attempt to document the work I have been doing for the past few years as well as to show case the new projects I have in store.  Hopefully you will be as delighted as I am with every little piece I create.  I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer.  My love for all kinds of craft leads me to different creations, some of which are just made for fun and personal use and others I aspire to sell to interested buyers.  You can find illustrations of my work at arttesana.com.


5 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to arttesana!

  1. kerri

    This is so great Rosicel!!! But if you’re going to post more things like those yummy panacakes, there better be a recipe somewhere:)

    I hope this takes off for you.. you are so talented at so many things!!

    1. arttesana Post author

      Thanks Kerri!
      For the recipe:
      exotic aunt jemima pancake mix
      nestle delicious mini chocolate chips
      chiquita bananas
      wip cream was optional.
      Very easy to make, the difficulty was in the flip.

  2. Georgi

    Hi Rosicel – that’s so wonderful! Congrats and good luck! Love what you’re doing! Have fun with it and looking forward to seeing what else you’ve got. I just made panda bear cupcakes. I will share the pictures with you soon! Keep yours coming!



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