Monthly Archives: May 2011

busy bee

I saw this turquoise fabric and got inspired on a new top.  I am still working out the details but I am almost certain it will have sleeves.  Don’t worry; they will be very short ones.


about time!!

It  has been a while but finally the store is open.  As you view it you’ll see that not all sizes are in stock but there is the option of ordering if there is something you like and your size is not there.  As you know all pieces are handmade by me and it takes time to create them.  I will keep updating the shop periodically; if you wish to find out what’s cooking, subscribe to the blog for updates or just keep drop in by the site as you wish.  Enjoy!

PS: to get to the store click on the sidebar image titled shop.

amazing kerri

This weekend was the 12th SONYA Studio Stroll 2011 and wonderful Kerri Ferrara was showing some of her work at Frank’s Lounge in Brooklyn.  I felt it was a great excuse for me to step away from the sewing machine, so my small family of 3 went to see it.  And I am glad we did.

The art was amazing as expected; equally amazing was her ability to get a large group of friends together.  It was great to see everyone showing their support.  Kerri, you are a great artist, keep up the excellent work.