the rock

I know this is an unusual post, but after hearing about this rock non stop over the weekend, I thought I should document it.

Well, my husband has been trying to break this rock apart for quite a while but after a few tries he could only achieve what you see on the photo above.  A rock with holes that he was able to drill with a great deal of excitement  hoping that with a few of them the rock will split.  nope!

Then he found a product that when mixed correctly and poured into those already drilled holes it would do the job.  So he tried that praying it would work.  This is the rock the morning after.  Woohoo!!

Day one!  he showed me the rock three times “look isn’t that amazing!” ‘It works! he said

Day three!  “did you see the rock!!!”  wow!!

Day four!! “I am going to do it again”

I have never seen someone so excited about this accomplishment.


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