any thoughts?


I saw this fabric, liked it, and thought that maybe if I let it be and flow it would be enough to come up with a nice simple dress…


Then I thought that maybe I should play more with the fabric print.   There is a lot going on but it is interesting.  What do you think, #1, #2, or should I scratch it and start all over?


5 thoughts on “any thoughts?

  1. Kerri Ferrara

    Ooo Ooo I like #1!!!.. The print is so beautiful, just let it speak! 🙂 but maybe as a strap option to #1, do some asymmetrical black straps that align with one of the lines? Or maybe some crissy-cross things in the back?

    1. arttesana Post author

      Good ideas!
      I thought of the dress to be strapless; also thought that the “crissy-cross thing” could work on the back of the dress, right on the fabric; but I don’t what to use a zipper to put on the dress and it might look too busy……. Lets see what it tells me…. I think I am getting something…..

      With the short version of the dress the strap idea might work well; I will try that.


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