project #2 (the kitchen)

I just started project number two from my to-do list.  This one is more like an experiment; hopefully it will look good at the end (fingers cross).

When my husband and I bought our house, we also bought a series of projects with it.  Not to confuse you, we LOVE our house but it needs some work here and there.  We started by doing some paint jobs (very affordable for new home owners).  I got to say, it is amazing the difference paint can make.  I promise to show you later on some of the spaces we transformed with just paint.

For now let’s focus on project #2 (the kitchen).  What can I say, our kitchen, well, it is ugly.  It needs more storage space, better appliances, a new floor……but for the moment and for budget reasons it will have to wait.

Since I do a lot of cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen I decided to experiment with it just to see what kind of color scheme I as well as my husband would like in the kitchen.  My husband doesn’t like so much the painted cabinet idea, he prefers natural wood instead, but we decided that since we both hate the kitchen we now have and we can’t replace the cabinets until later, it would be a good idea to try painting the cabinets and see how we like it at the end.  Anything will be an improvement, let’s hope it works.


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