Monthly Archives: September 2011

progress report


Hi there,

the kitchen project is coming along well.  Soon I will have the before and after photos.  In the meantime here is a sneak peek of where the color I previously posted went.  You can also see I changed the hardware on the cabinet doors.



special request

Today is a very important day, and to celebrate he asked for a very specific cake. Chocolate chip banana pancake with a smiley face.  I couldn’t say no to that!

Happy Birthday!

a little green

Introducing natural hemp cord (“string”), 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.  For this mini collection I went a little green.  I am using strings to give a natural look to the pieces and emphasize the beauty of each gemstone or bead.   Hopefully you’ll like our naturally beautiful pieces.    Please stop by the shop for details.

pears to spare

We have a couple of small pear trees and small apple trees in our backyard. When we bought the house the previous owner told us that the reason for their size is that they are dwarf trees and that they would bloom regardless of that, and boy they did!  Last year we had apples and this year one of the pear trees bloomed to the max and I had pears to spare; so this weekend I bagged a few for the family.  Delicious and sweet pears from our yard, yum!

coconut postcard

It is amazing people’s creativity.  My in-laws went for vacation to Florida.  They thought to share the good times they were having on a postcard. This is what we got in the mail.   As they called it, “a little piece of Florida.”  Cool! Isn’t it?

back in business

These past few days have been a little crazy for all of us here in the east coast.  Despite the inconvenience of not having power, internet, phone or TV; I am very lucky that we are all ok and we didn’t have any significant damage.

This photo shows the tree that knocked us out for a few days.

Well, back online, back to work.