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chicks & hens

Love this plant!

Last year I bought two of these plants; I planted one outside to see how well it would do in the winter, the other I planted in a pot and placed it on the window sill.   The top photo is the one I planted outside and it did great throughout the different seasons.  When I bought it there was one in the center(the hen) and a couple other smaller ones(the chicks) around it.  They were pure green; now you can see the purple and a lighter shade of green.  Just beautiful!  some of the chicks are under it, you can kind of see two of them.

This one, I was lucky enough to save.  It wasn’t doing well inside in a pot; the big one died so I took all the tiny ones and planted them outside.

Look at them now, they grew in no time.  The best thing about this plant is that it needs very little water.  Now that I know it can handle the winter weather I am planning on getting a few more to use as ground cover on my rock garden 🙂