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gala dress #2

20131015_154546 20131016_114107 20131019_150947  20131019_151046

So, again I had an excuse to make a new dress.  This particular one I love.  I saw this fabric two years ago and fell in love with the texture and color; since I didn’t know what to do with it I decided to buy only 2 yards.  It became a challenge to make this dress.  I had to be very careful, any mistake and I was done. So I crossed my fingers, carefully draped the pattern and cut.  It worked out for the best!

This is how it looks on me. Oh yes! I added pockets 🙂

IMG_8834a IMG_8835a IMG_8844


another dress

It has become a bit hard to find clothes for pregnant women; more so if you have a special event to attend.  In my neighborhood there aren’t that many places where I could find such clothes so throughout my pregnancy I have been buying regular clothes, one, two, maybe three sizes bigger.  Well, I can’t do that anymore.  Let’s say I am a bit bigger than usual.  Therefore, I had to come up with a dress on my own if I wanted to wear something to an upcoming event.

taken with my cell phone