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the kitchen

About time I show you the results of the kitchen project.  As I mentioned in my previous post.  My kitchen is in need of new everything, but for budget reasons I decided to give it a face lift instead.    I tackled the cabinets, the hardware, the walls, the counter top, and the floor.  Although the back splash is not my favorite, I decided to live it.  It is provably the only thing it was still in good shape.

I had shown you the blue paint I picked for the project, but didn’t tell you where it was going to go.  I might have scared a few who thought the blue was going on the wall, or the few that thought it was going on all the cabinets.   The truth is that this kitchen is not that big so to put the blue on all the cabinets would have been too much.  The white on the top cabinets give it the perfect balance and it actually makes the kitchen look bigger than it is.

This section of the kitchen was a no brainer for me.  I had this beautiful piece of furniture and the shelves; as you can see they fit perfectly in this corner.   I just needed to treat the wall and rearrange the items I put on display.

On thing that is a big problem in this kitchen is the lack of counter space.  So I decided to make a dual purpose of this shelf by using hooks for items below the shelf.  This way everything is more organized and out of the way.

You can see I used the same hooks and small buckets for my stake knives, potato peeler and other items I constantly use but now are within reach, and not on the counter.

Again, I made a better use of this shelf area than what I used to have.  You can see more in the before-after.

Blue stripe on the wall to tie in the blue cabinets on the other wall.

I used to have all my pots and pans on top of these cabinets but it was a pain in the neck to have to get the step ladder every time I needed to use one.  So instead I am displaying other items I either don’t use as often or only use for decoration.

You might have wonder, so what did you do with the pots and pans; well here they are tuck inside baskets and within reach.

There you have it!

For more photos on the makeover see details.