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new purpose


Remember the walls I was plastering?, well I have been painting them and trimming the door frames and wall openings; so I ended up with a few leftover pieces of wood frame from that project.  It occurred to me that I could use those pieces to frame a couple of mirrors, so I did.



I decided to give them a bit up old finish look to go with the other pieces I will put in the room.


I took these photos with my phone, I am sorry for the poor quality.  Once the room is put together I will have better ones. Enjoy! 🙂



I bought a curtain rod that came with three of these brackets.  Two went at each end of the rod and the third one in the middle in case the distance to cover was too long it could be use for support.  Well, I didn’t need the third one but I thought it had an interesting shape so I had to do something with it.

First I found the perfect spot; it was an area where I needed some sort of candle light.  Then I waited until I could find the perfect item with the right size.

Once in a while I visit Home Goods to see what they have.  On one of those trips I came across this tea light lantern.  This is what I came up with.

It adds the right amount of light when too much brightness is not wanted.